Air ConditioningCouple sitting in front of a fan enjoying the cool breeze

An increase in outdoor temperatures often results in higher energy bills as we use our air conditioners (AC) more frequently in an effort to beat the heat. To avoid putting your AC in overdrive this summer season, use these four tips to help reduce your summer energy bill (and avoid a mid-season breakdown) without compromising indoor comfort. 

1. Prepare Your AC For Summer

Ensure your AC is ready for the hot, humid months ahead. Change the air filter to improve air circulation and help your AC run efficiently. Open and unobstruct air vents in main rooms. Consider closing basement vents to direct more air where it’s needed most. For peace of mind, schedule seasonal maintenance with the Hargrave Heating & Air Conditioning experts. 

2. Get a Smart Thermostat

Invest in a Wi-Fi-enabled programmable thermostat to save time and money this summer. A Carrier Smart Thermostat can save you up to 23% in annual heating and cooling costs. Simply program the unit to be a specific temperature on set days and times. When you are out of the house, set the thermostat to a higher temperature or turn it off completely. Schedule the AC to turn back on so you can return to a cool home. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, we recommend setting the thermostat to 25°C for the perfect mix of home comfort and energy efficiency. 

3. Counteract the Heat

Help counteract the heat and take some pressure off your AC this summer with energy-efficient ceiling and floor fans. Fans and AC units work well together to cool your home effectively. The fans help circulate air in your home and prevent your AC from working overtime to cool your space. Keep windows and blinds closed throughout the day to block unwanted heat.

4. Check Your Windows 

Window air leaks can make your AC work harder than it needs to since cool air will escape through these small gaps, and warm air will enter. Caulk cracks and gaps around your windows, and consider adding weatherstripping to help keep the cool air inside your home. For further savings, consider upgrading to energy-efficient windows and planting shady trees in front of south-facing windows. 

For professional service you can trust, contact the team at Hargrave Heating & Air Conditioning to arrange air conditioner maintenance, replacement and installation before the weather heats up.