HVAC TipsOutdoor variable-speed HVAC system for a beautiful home

Technology has changed the way we heat and cool our homes. Today, we have access to smart thermostats and can even control the temperature from our smartphones. We have the choice of natural gas, electric, dual-fuel, ductless and geothermal comfort systems. The introduction of high-efficiency variable-speed technology is changing the game yet again. Here are four benefits of a variable-speed HVAC system:

1. Greater Energy Savings 

A single-speed system uses more energy by frequently turning on and off and running at full speed. Variable-speed systems use less electricity by running their heating and cooling cycle more consistently and efficiently at a lower rate, saving you money.

2. Consistent Comfort

The longer heating and cooling cycles of a variable-speed system help maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in your home. Alternatively, a single-speed system turns on at full blast until it reaches the desired temperature. Once the temperature drops, the single-speed system turns on again and the cycle continues with more drastic temperature changes. 

3. Improved Humidity Control 

Similarly, the more prolonged heating and cooling cycles enable variable-speed systems to remove more humidity from the air than a single-speed system. Enhanced humidity control is particularly beneficial during the hot summer months, helping you remain comfortable indoors. 

4. Better Air Quality 

Improve your indoor air quality with a variable-speed system. While all indoor comfort systems have an air filter, a variable-speed HVAC system almost continuously filters the air in your home. As a result, the air in your home is cleaner. This enhanced technology is an excellent option for households that struggle with allergies and asthma. 

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