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Air purifiers vs humidifiers. Which are best to help improve your home air quality during the winter months? Both can help with different factors to improve your living environment. But, recognizing your issue, whether it be dry air or allergy prevention, can help you choose which device is better.

So, let’s go over whether air purifiers or humidifiers are best for you during the winter months.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier is meant to improve the overall air quality of your home by trapping and eliminating airborne contaminants. The machine filters through the air and releases fresh air that does not have any contaminants. But, it is important to know that air purifiers do not add any moisture to the air.


A humidifier adds moisture to the air by pumping water vapour into it. Humidifiers work best in drier environments where the air does not have a lot of moisture. Additionally, there are different types of humidifiers that use different processes to release cool or warm air.

Reasons To Own Each One

If you struggle with seasonal allergies, an air purifier is a way to go. This is because air purifiers remove any allergens that could provoke your allergies and make them worse. Additionally, if you struggle with asthma, your best bet is also an air purifier as it will trap contaminants that could trigger your asthma. If you have a baby, both a humidifier and air purifier can help. An air purifier would remove any harmful contaminants and a humidifier would keep the air moist.

In summary, during the winter months when the air loses moisture, a humidifier can “moisturize” the air. Air purifiers are beneficial for airborne contaminants, but work better during drier seasons.

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