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No, we’re not trying to ruin what’s left of your summer by talking about a fall HVAC maintenance checklist. We’re trying to make sure an HVAC emergency doesn’t ruin your winter!

The fact is, if you are going to suffer an HVAC breakdown in winter, chances are it will be when your system is under the most stress. And that is usually when it is coldest outside. Otherwise known as “I sure hope my furnace doesn’t breakdown today’ weather.

5 Tasks for Your Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Use the checklist below to improve your chances of making it through winter in complete home comfort, and start next spring knowing you’ll be cool all summer.

  1. Clean the AC Compressor

    It’s spent the entire summer working hard to air condition your home, so it deserves some TLC.

    – Always turn off the power to the unit before working on it.
    – Use the soft brush attachment and your shop vac to clean the outer cooling fins.
    – Use a sturdy plastic blade or knife to gently straighten bent cooling fins
    – Remove the grill and fan from the top of the unit and remove or vacuum any debris from inside the unit.
    – Use mid-strength spray from your garden hose to spray the fins from the inside out
    – Replace the fan and grill
    – Remove any grass or other growth from around the unit
    – Put on the unit’s cover. If you do not have one, put a piece of plywood over the unit. Make sure it’s large enough to have a couple of inches overhang around the perimeter of the unit. Place a heavy brick or stone on the plywood to keep it in place.

  2. Replace Your Air Filter

    You should do this every few months anyway. So now is as good a time as any to put a new air filter into your furnace’s blower.

  3. Reprogram Your Thermostat

    Adjust the settings of your thermostat for your needs as the colder weather approaches.

  4. Clean Your Air Ducts

    Look for clumps of dust, lint, and pet dander. Also, check your ductwork for cracks or openings. They can let conditioned air escape and add to your energy bills.

  5. Check Your Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Make sure they are working. If the batteries are more than a year old, replace them. Do this even if the batteries still have some time to go before they hit their expiry date. You don’t want to risk your detectors not working when you need them most. Recycle your old batteries.

One More Thing – For the most peace of mind, get a Furnace Maintenance Program from Hargrave Heating & Air Conditioning. It not only covers an Annual Maintenance Inspection but offers 24/7 Emergency Protection too.

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