HVAC TipsMan shutting HVAC system

While we’re finally getting into the summer months, your AC and HVAC units may not have had too much work recently. That makes it an excellent time to brush up on HVAC maintenance tips so you can do everything you can to prevent a breakdown when it gets hotter outside.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

These tips are all easy to do and don’t require any special tools. But that doesn’t make them any less important for keeping your heating and cooling system, and its energy efficiency, in peak condition.

  1. Reprogram Your ThermostatYour summer schedule and even vacation plans can mean a significant difference between when you need your air conditioning in the summer and heating systems in winter. To reprogram your thermostat accordingly.
  2. Change Your Air FilterIt’s the single most important thing you can do to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and maintain good indoor air quality
  3. Keep the Outdoor Unit CleanRegularly clean off grass clippings, leaves, twigs and other debris from the outside of the air conditioner condensing unit. Also make sure no grass, weeds or other plants grow up beside the unit because they can stop heat from being released through the unit’s fins.
  4. Check the Vents in Your Home

    Inspect every intake and outflow vent in your home. If you can, remove the vent covers and check as deep inside the ductwork as you can.  Remove as much dust and dirt as you can. When replacing the vent covers, make sure they are all open. It’s the most efficient way to air condition your home, versus closing some vents and not others.  

    Also, make sure that the vents have nothing in front of them to block the flow of air.
  5. Check the Drainage System

    Your furnace unit has a system that drains condensation away from the unit. The condensation happens due to the cooling process.  Make sure the drainage tubes are not clogged and that water flows to the drain easily.

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