HVAC MaintenanceTechnician performing furnace duct cleaning. Is furnace duct cleaning worth it for your home? Find out in our article!

If you live in Toronto, the GTA, or anywhere in Southern Ontario, and you haven’t received repeated phone calls from duct cleaning services offering to clean your ducts, you are very lucky.

If you ever took one of the callers up on their offer, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Furnace duct cleaning, or removing dust and debris from the metal ducts of your HVAC system, should always be done by a professional. Even the best-equipped handy persons do not usually have specialized equipment, like high-powered vacuums, needed to do the job properly. But is furnace duct cleaning worth it?

The Benefits of Furnace Duct Cleaning

The idea of cleaning the dust and debris from the duct system used to distribute air through your home’s heating and cooling system might be a good one. We all know that better indoor air quality can prevent health problems and improve home comfort. 

If enough dust and debris ever accumulated in air vents, the air handling unit and other HVAC system components, it could result in a worsening of the symptoms of asthma, allergies and other health issues. And cleaning your ducts would help to clean the air in your home and reduce the threat to your health.

But the “if” at the beginning of the last paragraph is a big one. While relatively few studies have been done on whether or not duct cleaning helps prevent health problems, cleaning in any sense is never a bad thing. Our household air is circulated through our ducts and vents. It doesn’t hurt to have dirty air ducts maintained every once in a while! Is furnace duct cleaning worth it? Yes!

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