What exactly is furnace cleaning?
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What exactly is furnace cleaning? How is it done, what are the benifits? Is it the same as duct cleaning?

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Furnace cleanings are really a cleaning and a check. What is done doing a clean and check depends on the kind of furnace that you have. 60% furnace we clean the burners, Pilot orifice, Oil motor if it has oil ports, check belt if it is a belt driven blower, check wiring and terminals for tightness, ( we are looking for problems that are just starting ) check limits and safeties for proper operation,and we also inspect the heat exchanger for any cracks. After it is all back together we check the combustion to see that we are burning properly and not creating an excessive amount of Carbon Monoxide. also at the time of the combustion check, we check to make sure the chimney and ur flue pipes are drafting properly and not blocked in anyway, Oil furnaces definitely need cleaning every year. On the higher efficiency we check things like flame sensor and ignition systems,,,( hot surface ignitor or spark ) and inducer motors,,, I think you get the point… Clean and Checks can not only save you money, they can also prevent a costly and untimely breakdown at the least and maybe find a deadly situation occurring at the most. They are not the same as a duct cleaning, and could change your air quality by checking what kind of filtering system you have and make recommendations.