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If you’re like many of the homeowners we know that have one, you have never regretted the fact that your home came with a gas fireplace, or that you installed one. 

There’s nothing quite like getting the instant, cozy flame and heat from a gas fireplace insert. And not having to go through efforts of building, lighting and cleaning up a wood-burning fireplace.

Tips for Maintaining Your Gas Fireplace this Winter

If you love your gas fireplace, the following tips will help you keep it in good working order, and help you save money by minimizing the chances of needing Hargrave Heating’s expert gas fireplace repair service in Markham, Richmond Hill or anywhere in the York Region.

  1. Turn Off the Gas & Let the Fireplace Cool – Before you ever do any maintenance on your gas fireplace, be sure to turn off the natural gas leading to it, and give it enough time to get cool to the touch if it was recently on.
  2. Remove the Decorative Panels and Glass Assembly –  Your fireplace will likely have decorative panels that cover the control panel and access to the inside of the insert. Remove these before removing the glass and carefully lying it on a soft, level surface.
  3. Clean & Inspect the Glass Inside and Out – Clean the inner and outer surfaces of the glass with a specific fireplace glass cleaner. Check the gasket that is fitted around the edges of the glass on the inside surface. It protects against carbon monoxide leaks. If there is excessive wear or damage, you may need to have it replaced.
  4. Clean & Inspect the Inside of the Firebox – Remove the log assembly and check for dirt and dust inside the firebox and gently wipe it away. Generally check the firebox for potential issues, like rust or damage.
  5. Clean & Inspect the Outside of the Firebox – As best you can, remove dust and debris from all around the exterior of the firebox.
  6. Put Everything Back Together – Replace the log assembly and reinstall the glass and decorative panels. Turn on the gas and make sure there is no odour of it after you do.
  7. Check the Vent Outside – Make sure no leaves or debris are blocking the release of air from the vent.
  8. Light the Pilot Light & Burner – Follow your fireplace’s instructions for igniting the pilot light and let it burn for a few minutes. Turn on your burner and check for smooth ignition of the flame. 

That’s it. You’re ready to enjoy another winter warm and cozy winter by your fireplace. And if you just want to jump to the “warm and cozy” part, without all the other stuff, Hargrave Heating will professionally inspect your fireplace to make sure it’s clean and safe. It’s just one of the many HVAC maintenance programs we have for your home.

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