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Also known as radiant floor heating which is the method of heating your home by applying heat underneath or within the floor. Comparable to warming yourself in the sun, this type of heating warms objects as opposed to raising the temperature of the air.

Many manufacturers claim that radiant floor heating is more economical to operate because the temperature setting may be set to 20ºC (68ºF) rather than the usual 21-22ºC (70-72ºF) as required by other types of systems. The warmest air is at the floor where it is desired (and not at the ceiling) and there is reduced heat loss through the ceiling and walls. Zoning a variety of rooms with the options for different temperatures has the potential to reduce energy consumption. Energy Source Compatibility
Since radiant floor heating has a low operating temperature, a wide range of sources can be used to heat the water–a ground-source heat pump, a condensing or non-condensing boiler, solar or even district heating.

The system is quiet because a properly-sized circulator pump, used to slowly move the water, is almost inaudible. The loudest sound in the system is usually the gas or oil burner. Unlike conventional forced-air furnaces, radiant floor heating has no ducts or radiators to contribute to dust collection or movement. Note: duct work is required for the mechanical ventilation system or air conditioning. For residents with allergies, the reduction in dust movement may be beneficial.

Heated driveway systems are a technological alternative to shovelling, salting, snow plowing, snow blowing and other snow removal methods. With most heated driveway systems, tubing is run under the driveway and walkways, patios and porch steps, too, if you like). Heated water is pumped through the tubing. The water in heated driveway systems is mixed with an anti-freeze (glycol). Heat radiates up from the tubing to the surface of your driveway, melting away snow and ice. Drains catch the water run-off produced by a heated driveway system, channelling the water away from your driveway.

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