A Rental Program YOU Can Feel Good About – EXCLUSIVE to Hargrave Heating

This is NOT your typical Rental Program!

The advantage to the homeowner to rent vs purchasing is that they will enjoy complete peace of mind. Rental includes all of the benefits listed below, and best of all, they will own the equipment at the end of the term
  • Trusted Brand Energy

  • Efficient Equipment

  • Affordable monthly payments

  • Parts & Labour Warranty

  • No Charge standard installation

  • Regular Maintenance INCLUDED!

  •  Automatically own the equipment at the end of the specified term.

  •  The program includes a 10 year warranty plus annual maintenance.

  •  No annual rate increases

  •  No penalties for early buyout

  •  Fully Transferable to new owner upon sale of home

  •  Pay with monthly credit card – customers still earn their points

On average, Our Complete Flexible Home Solution Rental Program will save you 20% more over a 10-year term than other programs!

Other Programs Total Cost

Hargrave Heating’s Complete Flexible Home Solution Program’s Total Cost

This chart shows the average total cost of a 120 month term or similar priced HVAC equipment with our rental vs other leading rental programs. Based on an annual escalation of 3.5% as charged by some other providers

Our Rental Program Comparison Chart


Other Programs

Our Rental Programs

We know the reports are out there, we have listened to the feedback, this is exactly why we have created this EXCLUSIVE Program to put an end to these situations.