Before You Call

  • Make sure your furnace is getting power.  Check your fuse box for any tripped circuit breakers, especially since this could indicate a bigger problem with your electrical system.


  • Ensure that the furnace power switch has been switched “ON”.  Since furnaces can be tucked into tight, confining spaces or closets, the switch can easily be accidentally turned to “OFF”.  Look for the power switch mounted on the side of the furnace.  It may also include a liftable metal housing containing a fuse.  If the fuse is blackened and burnt, then it will need to be replaced.  However, remember that a blown fuse may also indicate a bigger system problem, so the system should be inspected by a licensed technician.


  • Look outside to make sure that nothing is blocking the fresh air intake and the exhaust.  Not all furnaces vent through chimneys.  Many newer furnaces have their fresh air intakes and exhausts running through the side of the home and sometimes windblown leaves, insects, and moisture affect heating systems.  If this is the case, you might want to consult a licensed technician about possible venting solutions.


  • Check your thermostat settings.  Make certain that your thermostat has been set to “HEAT” and that it is set to a temperature high enough for the furnace to come on.  While that sounds obvious, it’s a small detail that is easily forgotten by a worried homeowner.  It’s a good idea to keep your thermostat’s User Guide stored near the thermostat.  That way you can consult the troubleshooting section in the event of a start-up problem.


  • Check The Batteries in the thermostat.  Many programmable thermostats feature a flashing “LOW BATTERY” icon on their control screen.  If you see this warning, replace the batteries with new ones.


  • Check your furnace filter.  If your furnace is firing up but its not blowing as hard as it normally does, then it might mean that the air filter needs to be changed.  Air filters trap dust, hair and other particles in the air and over time the filter gets full of debris and air cannot pass through it.  On most residential heating systems, air filters should be changed every 3 months.

If you have tried everything and your furnace will still not start, call for a certified, licensed technician to inspect your furnace.  Newer gas furnaces are far more complex than older models so you will need expert advice.  Often a technician can tell you about factors common to your furnace make and model so that you can solve them yourself in the future.  Technicians can also identify issues and repair components instead of an expensive emergency service call.

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First day of extreme heat… my AC that was less than 10 years old kicked the bucket (very disappointing) Having a toddler and a newborn in the house I started to panic when it got warmer in the house than it did outside. I had seen a Hargrave Heating & Air Conditioning truck out on the road and decided to call them. Luckily, they have 24/7 emergency service available and I had someone at my house within 2 hours. The very knowledgeable technician gave me the unfortunate news that the AC that was installed was too small for the square footage of my home which is why it broke. He told me that he can fix it, but that the same problem would keep on happening due to the wrong size and would only end up costing us more in the long run. Feeling very taken advantage of from the original installation company, I had no choice but to replace my AC.  Hargrave was very understanding and made this their top priority and within 48 hours of my initial phone call to them, I had a brand new AC installed.I am extremely satisfied with the service and work that these guys provide. Since, I have had them do yearly maintenance on my furnace, AC and tankless water heater to ensure I have a worry free home. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone who needs service or new installations done.

-Kay, Markham

Air Conditioning Replacement

Best Value Found After a Month of Research

Value for money for both products sold and workmanship rendered!  Professional work crew installed the equipment (furnace, A/C, and water heater) as if these were being installed in their own homes. The work area was also cleaned very well.

Heater Replacement

We had called because our 17 year old furnace was not working properly. Our technician immediately found the work done a month previous by another company had not be done properly, and in fact the furnace had breached. It was after 5 pm by this time and middle of February. Tim called his supplier and arranged to pick up a new energy efficient unit. He returned with 2 other ppl and spent the night converting/installing the new furnace. We were so amazed at the service, and quality of the work done that we decided to use him again to install a new a/c unit. This time he did the install himself and as previous the service was fantastic, and a/c unit totally amazing! We could not believe how efficient the unit was! We would recommend Tim at Hargrave Heating to anyone looking for HVAC work to be done.

-Sandra, Markham

Thank you Tim

I had Tim install 2 complete furnace and air conditioning systems in 2 homes.
His service is excellent, he and his crew were always there when they were
supposed to be, friendly people, very efficient and very competitive from a
cost standpoint. I would recommend this company and I would definitely use
them again if I moved and needed their expert advise and workmanship.
Thank you for the great work!

-Dianne Shortt, Markham

High Efficiency Furnace And Air Conditioning

Just had a New Carrier system installed . The sales team was so good with the
process it made it easy for us to choose ! Installation crew was also top notch!
They left our place cleaner then when they first started ! Great job

-Fred Markham On

Job well done!

Value for money for both products sold and workmanship rendered!
Professional work crew installed the equipment (furnace, A/C, and water
heater) as if these were being installed in their own homes. The work area
was also cleaned very well.
-Rod Toronto On

Best Value Found After a Month of Research